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  • Can I ride an E-Bike on the Tour de OROC?
    Sure, we love that e-bikes get more people riding! Keep in mind that some days will be longer than the battery life of most E-Bikes but dont worry! There are stops with opportunities to charge batteries and we will have support vehicles and bike trailers if there is a real E(mergency)!
  • Do I need to bring any food or drinks?
    No, the ride is fully supported for food, drinks, snacks and other treats for riders. We will be stopping frequently (about every 25-35 km) along the ride to refuel, fill water bottles, have a rest and get to know each other.
  • How fast will the pace be?
    There will be two pelotons, one going a little faster than the other. In the TdO22 the faster group averaged around 28-30 km/hr while the slower group was around 25-26 km/hr. Please keep in mind that this is not a race, and the pace is intended to be social and friendly to allow for getting to know your fellow riders!
  • What are the sleeping arrangements?
    In the past TdOs we have used a combination of Motels and Swags! This year we are anticipating a larger number of riders and will include camping options and billets. Generally, riders will be paired up and share rooms, this is great news for couples!
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