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Day 5: B2B western division version!

Updated: Mar 23

Yep, Brewarrina to Bourke. The communal accommodation in the Community Centre delivered the expected snoring, constant toilet breaks, lights with no switches, and general all-round sleeplessness, which resulted in few bleary eyes early this morning (nothing to do with the evening at the RSL). A quick breakfast courtesy of the Brewarrina Council perked everyone up and we were on our way to the city limits for the obligatory group photo.

Yesterdays tail winds were even more favourable today, making the riding easy going and at times pretty quick, the faster group averaged over 37 km/hr for nearly 100 km, and the second group were over 30.

Now punching out these big ks means burning lots of calories, and boy have we been well catered for. The Brewarrina RSL served up what is reputed to be the best Chinese food this side of Beijing and this rider in particular feels like his snout has been firmly planted in the trough all week!

Evening meals is one thing, but replenishing the fuel tanks on the road is another. This critical task has been left up to 2 modern day geniuses, Ash Weilinga and Paul Loxley. This dynamic duo have been providing food, entertainment, local facts (some dubious), hydration, sun cream and bum cream in abundance. At every stop there has been a stupendous choice of tinned fruit, fresh fruit, baked beans, avocado, tomato's, bread, butter, jam, honey, peanut butter, cheese, Nutella, muesli bars, tea, coffee, lollies, in fact you name it they have it! And if there is something they haven't got something we might want, they make sure they get it at the next stop! Thanks boys!

Sun cream has been a must, however it has been noted that some of the riders are better than others in its application (despite it being readily available). This hap hazard approach has left some interesting tan lines. I will leave it up to you to determine whom of the following are in contravention of Velominati rule no# 7, and there will be a competition to determine who has the sharpest leg tan lines at the completion of Day 6! We might also need an intervention for the daggiest bibshorts,,,,,

Some more random shots from another great day riding!

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