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Day 6: How good is Cobar

I have to start with the finish because it has been the best finale to an OROC by a Cobar mile! In 2022 we rode over the last hill to be welcomed by a water cannon, and on a really hot day that was the pinnacle of the event. This year we rode over the same hill, escorted by the highway patrol, to be welcomed by the water cannon and a street lined with locals, kids were screaming with excitement and the grownups chanting OROC! There were some very emotional riders and this one shed a tear or 2!

The day started in the dark with the threat of rain, and a forecast lack of the tailwinds that blessed us on day 4 and 5! We passed the remaining river flats in the dark and entered the red scrub country on daylight where feral goats were in abundance. Despite the cool and overcast conditions 5 days of solid riding caught up with most riders and it was great to see the pelotons looking after those who were doing it a bit tough.

The Garmin reckons I have done close to 750 km in the last week, and I am pleased to report no crashes, no major stoushes and just a minor disagreement here and there that was quickly sorted out in the breaks with a kiss and a cuddle! The only incident worth of mention was the Hans Gruber fall from the Nakatomi Tower impersonation by a certain Jemima, as she launched herself of the welcome to Brewarrina sign.

One of the reasons incidents were avoided was the exceptional support crews that navigated the busy roads, warned oncoming trucks, shooed goats, kangaroos and other wildlife from the pelotons. Big thanks to Pam, Sam, Sally, Craig and our VRA friends Wayne and Tyler. We were also exceptionally lucky to have 4 brand new Toyota vehicles courtesy of New & Pre-Owned Vehicles | Dubbo City Toyota, and the signwriting from Signs in Dubbo | Bridgewater Signs Dubbo. Thanks team!

Trudy Rogers has been fantastic! Not only is she a great rider, she has in her repertoire: social influencer, quite achiever, community mobiliser and more. She has single handedly brought the whole of Cobar and surrounding areas along for the Tour de OROC ride, as demonstrated by the hero's welcome we received coming into Cobar. Thanks Trudy and thanks Cobar.

Here are a few more photos for you viewing pleasure!

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